3D model Spiller & Burr Revolver 36 caliber
Spiller & Burr
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), obj
3D model Grenade F-1
Grenade F-1
3ds Max 2012 (Mental Ray), obj
3D model Beretta modern pistol
Beretta modern pistol
3ds Max 2009 (Vray)
3D model Japanese sword of katana
Japanese sword of katana
3ds Max 2012 (Vray), fbx
3D model Kalashnikov's assault rifle AKC 74
Kalashnikov's assault
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), fbx
3D model Kurdistan Peshmerga bullets
Kurdistan Peshmerga
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), fbx
3D model Fantasy Sword Ice
Fantasy Sword Ice
3ds Max 2012 (Corona), fbx
3D model Classic flintlock
Classic flintlock
3ds Max 2014 (Corona), obj
3D model Heavy tank IS-3
Heavy tank IS-3
3ds Max 9
3D model Abrams tank
Abrams tank
3ds Max 9
3D model APC M2 Bradley
APC M2 Bradley
3ds Max 9
3D model Manual grenade launcher RG-6 (6G30)
Manual grenade launcher
3ds Max 2013, 2017 (Vray), obj
3D model Truck Mercedes-Benz Zetros
Truck Mercedes-Benz
3ds Max 9
3D model The ship's artillery AK-176
The ship's artillery
3ds Max 2012 (Vray), fbx
3D model Flamberg's sword and shield
Flamberg's sword and
3ds Max
3D model Anti-aircraft M247 Sergeant York
Anti-aircraft M247
3ds Max 9
3D model Medieval sword
Medieval sword
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), fbx
3D model SPG Semovente
SPG Semovente
3ds Max 9
3D model Pistol Heckler - Koch Mk.23
Pistol Heckler - Koch
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), fbx
3D model Self-propelled artillery SU-122
Self-propelled artillery
3ds Max
3D model Armored car Cougar
Armored car Cougar
3ds Max 9
3D model Army SUV HMMWV M1151
Army SUV HMMWV M1151
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), fbx, obj
3D model Assault rifle АК-12
Assault rifle АК-12
3ds Max 2011 (Vray), fbx
3D model Shotgun Ithaca 37
Shotgun Ithaca 37
3ds Max (Vray)
3D model Tractor Sd Kfz 7
Tractor Sd Kfz 7
3ds Max 9
3D model Armored car AMZ Tur
Armored car AMZ Tur
3ds Max 9
3D model Soviet tank destroyer SU-100
Soviet tank destroyer
3ds Max
3D model Patria AMV (Rosomak)
Patria AMV (Rosomak)
3ds Max 2009
3D model APC Sd Kfz 251
APC Sd Kfz 251
3ds Max 2009
3D model SPG M109A6 Paladin
SPG M109A6 Paladin
3ds Max 2009, 3ds, fbx, obj
3D model Sniper rifle Blaser 93 LRS2
Sniper rifle Blaser 93
3ds Max 2010, c4d, obj
3D model Russian cannon «Unicorn»
Russian cannon «Unicorn»
3ds Max Maya 2016 (Vray), dwg, obj,
3D model Universal rifle Steyr AUG A3
Universal rifle Steyr
fbx, tga
3D model AX-7 Sci-Fi Assault Rifle
AX-7 Sci-Fi Assault Rifle
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), OBJ
3D model Carbine Sharps 1859
Carbine Sharps 1859
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), FBX
3D model Air Bomb
Air Bomb
3ds Max 2011 (Vray), FBX
3D model Gun Kalashnikov AK 47
Gun Kalashnikov AK 47
3ds Max 2012
3D model Pistol cartridge 380 ACP
Pistol cartridge 380 ACP
obj, stl, igs
3D model Assault rifle Fn Scar
Assault rifle Fn Scar
3ds Max 2012 (Vray), fbx
3D model Revolver Python 357 Combat Magnum
Revolver Python 357
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), obj
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