Cubebrush – Create your own Sylvanas Vol. 1

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Cubebrush – Create your own Sylvanas Vol. 1

Cubebrush – Create your own Sylvanas Vol. 1 – video сourse

Are you a student, professional or amateur and you wish to become in the best digital artist? If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

In this volume, I will teach you how to sculpt realistic female character, in this case “Sylvanas”

Through 32 classes you’ll learn everything you need to model the Sylvanas Body and Head.

What are you waiting for? Start working at the level of the professionals in the industry!

MP4 1920x1080 | 3h 20m | ENG | 906 MB

Download: Cubebrush – Create your own Sylvanas Vol. 1

  1. DX2018 August 9 19:59
    hey sonya can you help me to get this course
    it is present on website
    can you make it possible to get it here
    please reply whenever you read this message

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    1. Sonya2018 August 9 20:20
      I'll add it tomorrow, and post a link here in the comments
      1. dx2018 August 9 21:08
        Your just awesome
        no word how grateful i am
        thank you so muchhhh kissing_heart
          1. dx2018 August 9 22:41
            Really so fast
            U are acting like an angel to me now
            u r the best hardworking person kissing_heart kissing_heart
  2. DX2018 August 9 22:40
    hey sonya,
    i have request for you
    i saw this course on gumroad for zbrush and maya character sculpting and rigging
    its 25$
    this course is most likely to be popular

    Can You please get this course on your website
    it will be great for me

    i have search for this course over internet there is no link to download it.

    please reply after reading this message
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    1. Sonya2018 August 10 09:16
      Perhaps we will receive this course. Keep for updates.
      Visit more often, bring your friends kissing_heart
      1. dx2018 August 10 10:42
        i personally browse your website full day
        i will recommend this site to everyone

        if you want i can click on ads on this site so that you can earn money to buy the course i want
        just tell me what should i do
        to get that course

        again sonya thanks a lot for your quick reply

        please tell me what can i help you to get that course quikly
        reply on reading this message
        1. Sonya2018 August 10 10:59
          if you want i can click on ads on this site so that you can earn money

          This is unnecessary - Google can ban us for cheating clicks.
          I will try to get this course as quickly as possible
          1. dx2018 August 10 11:03
            OK sonya
            i know the terms and condition
            so i will not do unnecessary click on ads

            i was just trying to help

            i know you will get the course
            my trust on you is 100%

            looking forward to the course link
            thank you sonya

            i will not do anything to trouble you
            1. dx2018 August 10 11:11
              just post course link here
              in comment
              i will refresh the page every hour kissing_heart
  3. Sonya2018 August 10 11:21
    dx, ok, deal)
    But anyway, post will be at main page as new.
    1. dx2018 August 10 11:46
      ok sonya
      thanks dear
  4. DX2018 August 10 11:57
    hey sonya
    Zbrush SciFi HandGun Modeling tutorial and substance painter texturing/Rendering

    last month i have requested this course

    i Have been searching the main page for this course
    but i did not find it

    can you send me the link

    or can you make this course available too
    its really most unique and important course too have

    and please let me know how can i help you to earn money so that you provide more course easily

    please try to get to this course
    Zbrush SciFi HandGun Modeling tutorial and substance painter texturing/Rendering

    totally awesome course
    please sonya
    1. dx2018 August 10 12:37
      [please do reply on reading this message
      sorry for disturbing
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