Augmented Startups – Master ARCore in Unity SDK – Build 6 Augmented Reality Apps

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Augmented Startups – Master ARCore in Unity SDK – Build 6 Augmented Reality Apps

Master ARCore in Unity SDK – Build 6 Augmented Reality Apps – download full video сourse by Augmented Startups

Do you want to learn the new ARCore in Unity SDK? This course will teach you all the fundamentals of the ARCore Augmented Reality in the shortest time so that you can get started developing your own Augmented Reality Apps. In the App section, we show you how you can apply the basics to more advanced apps for either gaming or for productivity-based apps.

I am an AR Developer with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. I have over 34000 students on Udemy. This course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Augmented Reality using the ARCore in Unity through practical and easy to understand labs. This class covers these capabilities, including getting started, simple and multiple target detection, smart terrain as well as leap motion integration. You will learn all the fundamentals through practice as you follow along with the training. Together we will build a strong foundation in AR in Unity SDK with this training for beginners.

This course will enable you to:

We designed this course for anyone who wants to learn the state of the art in using Googles ARCore SDK without the steep learning curve. By the end of the course you will be able understand the fundamentals of ARCore SDK Core functionality from Motion Tracking, to Point and plane detection and even test light estimation. Thereafter you will soon be developing your own amazing Augmented of real world applications.

Project Files...

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Download links: Augmented Startups – Master ARCore in Unity SDK – Build 6 Augmented Reality Apps

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Great! thanks Sonya :) Anyway, any chance for Sam Nielson's Lighting for Storytelling and Concept Art? Or maybe
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THIS IS the free version?
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Is it safe to put this r19 pack into the Maxon 4D R20 software hierarchy? I am leaning towards, no, and/or Idk if I
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Hello, if i want to install the patch, the following error-message is shown on the desktop: The Version of iClone on